Inland Port Monitoring

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has been tasked with establishing baseline conditions for stormwater and air quality within the statutorily defined area of Utah Inland Port (UIP) Authority. In addition, DEQ has been a part of land remediation and clean-up efforts at the North Temple Landfill Redevelopment site.

Data collected by DEQ through 2023 will be used to form the baseline conditions for the UIP.

Storm Water Monitoring

The Division of Water Quality has developed a Storm Water Sampling and Analysis Plan to characterize and evaluate water quality impacts arising from development and operational activities within the UIP. The study was designed and is being implemented as described in the Sampling Analysis Plan with ongoing adjustments as needed to effectively document impacts in this rapidly changing environment. Initial data collection is detailed in the 2022 Monitoring Activities at the Utah Inland Port report.

Air Quality Monitoring

The Division of Air Quality established monitoring facilities at the UIP site to track pre-development or early development baseline data. This monitoring includes: a sensor system consisting of monitors to measure levels of research-grade particulate matter, ozone, and oxides of nitrogen, and data logging equipment with internal data storage that are interconnected at all times to capture air quality readings and store data

A summary of monitor locations and activities can be found in the 2022 Monitoring Activities at the Utah Inland Port report. A summary of the monitors found at all sites, including UIP sites, can be found on page 8 of the “Division of Air Quality Annual Monitoring Network Report 2021.” Site specific information related to instrument type and other related information can be found on pages 25 and 28.

North Temple Landfill Redevelopment

The North Temple Landfill is encompassed within the area statutorily defined as the UIP. DEQ has partnered with EPA, SITLA, landowners and developers to conduct remediation activities and site characterization through our Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). You can learn more about this project by reviewing the North Temple Landfill Project Summary.

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