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  • Utah Monitoring Plan:Water Quality

    Utah’s Monitoring Plan is an overview of all the monitoring activities DWQ manages as an agency. It describes the implementation and design of DWQ’s monitoring objectives and activities for the next 10 years. Monitoring projects are constantly evolving and developing based on water quality data needs throughout the state of Utah. This document is updated…

  • Monitoring: Water Quality

    Utah assesses the quality of its surface water resources to protect it for drinking, fishing, boating, irrigation, stock watering, and supporting aquatic wildlife. Learn about Water Quality’s various monitoring programs.

  • Jordan River: Monitoring Ecological Change with Smartphones and Social Media

    Salt Lake County Watershed Planning & Restoration is using crowd-sourced photos to help with the ongoing monitoring of its stream restoration projects on the Jordan River. The county invites people to set their phone or camera in an angle bracket, take a photo, and post it to Twitter with a site-specific hashtag.

  • Water Quality: The Power of Sister Agencies

    By Suzan Tahir I have the privilege to live in one of the most beautiful states in the USA. Our state is an incredible and endless resource for hiking, skiing, backpacking, rock climbing, sightseeing, and other outdoors and recreational activities. We have extremely beautiful nature in abundance, but one of our most precious natural resources…

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