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Best Management Practices for the Oil and Gas Industry

Are you involved in oil and gas projects? If so, this guide is for YOU to help prevent pollution during drilling and production, through processing and storage, to transmission and distribution. Many oil and gas companies are adopting Best Management Practices (BMPs) as an important part of their pollution prevention program to help them cut …

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2014 Air Agencies Oil and Gas Emissions Inventory:
Uinta Basin

Final 2014 O&G Emissions Table 2014 Oil and Gas Emission Inventory Presentation Pneumatic Controller Emission Factor Modification Ponds/Landfarms/Landfills Gap Filling WRAP Additional Equipment Gap Filling For almost a decade the 2006 Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP) Phase III oil and gas emissions inventories were relied on for the Uinta Basin (Basin), the main oil and …

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VOC Emissions

Composition of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions From Oil and Gas Wells in the Uinta Basin

The Utah Division of Air Quality (UDAQ) is leading a new effort to improve estimates of the speciation of organic compound emissions from Uinta Basin oil and gas wells. Utah State University (USU) will work with UDAQ to collect and analyze pressurized gas and liquid samples from oil and gas well separators, as well as conduct data processing and analysis.

  • Principal Investigators: Seth Lyman, Trang Tran (USU)
  • Funded by Science for Solutions Grant: $30,358
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ULend Program Helps Oil and Gas Operators Reduce Emissions

By Whitney Oswald The Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ’s) Division of Air Quality (DAQ) believes sound science leads to good decisions and effective regulations. That’s why we conduct research on complex air-quality issues — to identify causes and find solutions. For example, we’ve seen an increase in winter ozone levels in the Uinta Basin in recent years, and …

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Oil and Gas App Streamlines Inspection Process

By Whitney Oswald Imagine being an oil and gas compliance inspector and needing to head out into the field for a few days to inspect many sites. Before even heading out to the field, you have to spend quite a bit of time prepping for your trip. Identifying what sites you want to visit, getting …

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Success Framework: Agency Efficiency Is Good for Utah’s Environment

By Amanda Smith Last year, Governor Herbert launched his SUCCESS Framework, a set of management principles designed to improve quality and efficiency in government. We embraced these principles at DEQ, and over the past year we have implemented process improvements that have increased both our efficiency and our effectiveness. At DEQ, we define success as …

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