ONP, LLC: Purgatory Landfill: Permit Renewal

ONP, LLC: Purgatory Landfill: Permit Renewal Public Notice (207 KB) Application (9 MB) Draft Permit (116 KB) Attachment 1 (6 MB) Attachment 2 (6 MB) Attachment 3 (868 KB) Close of Comments: March 1, 2022 Email Comments: dwmrcpublic@utah.gov (See Public Notice for submission details.) Public Hearing: None Contact (E-mail): Matt Sullivan (msullivan@utah.gov) Type: Permit Renewal

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ONP LLC Solid Waste Facility Fact Sheet: Purgatory Class VI Landfill

April 2022 Facility Owner ONP LLC Facility Operator ONP LLC Property Owner N/A Facility Location Township 42S, Range 14W, Section 17. The site is located west of the city at 275 N. Landfill Road. Remaining Capacity Waste Accepted Non-hazardous construction/demolition waste; yard waste; and inert waste. Waste Excluded Hazardous Waste; PCB’s; except construction/ demolition waste …

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