Tag: Operator Certification Program

  • Continuing Education (CEU) Requirements
    Wastewater Operator Certification Program

    Menu: Additional Suggestions and Resources Sample Letter for Approval for Wastewater Operator CEUs Sample Wastewater Operator Continuing Education (CEU) Request w/Roster Current CEU Status Continuing education is required to maintain your wastewater certificate. For grades I and II, 2 CEUs are required for renewal. For grades III and IV, 3 CEUs are necessary. Required CEUs…

  • Forms & Fees: Wastewater Operator Certification Program

    I want to: Fees & payment Fee changes effective July 1, 2024 Exams Computer-based exam $100 Starting July 1: $50 + testing center fee Paper-based exam $100Starting July 1: $200 Renewal Wastewater operator certificate renewal $50Starting July 1: $75 Reinstatement Reinstate an expired/lapsed certificate Reinstatement fee charged each month late, maximum of 3 months, +…

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