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Is there a “Phil” in your life?

Air Quality: My Top Ten List for Better Air

By Donna Kemp Spangler Utah’s winter chill is creeping upon us, and with that comes the infamous inversions, that for perhaps 10 terrible days of the year have downright frightful and unhealthy air quality. (And no, Phil, it’s not Smaug, it’s smog. ) We know we can’t completely prevent them. It is partly an act …

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How to Make Public Transportation Work for You

By Jared Fry Frontrunner. Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons vxla My name is Jared Fry, and I commute 100 miles via public transportation every weekday. To be honest, the purpose in sharing my story is to help promote the use of public transportation and help improve air quality in Utah. My wife, Amy, and I …

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Walking (Biking) the Talk: DEQ Adds eBikes to Its Fleet

By Christine Osborne The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has consistently demonstrated its commitment to reducing air pollution by encouraging employee vanpools, issuing free Eco-Pass annual transit passes to all employees, and providing lockers and changing rooms for bike commuters. We brought hybrid cars, then electric vehicles, into our fleet. And now we’re ready …

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DEQ Tops the Charts of Winter Air Challenge

By Donna Kemp Spangler The 2016 Legislative session may be getting much of the public’s attention, particularly legislation aimed at improving Utah’s air quality. Quietly, behind the walls of state government, employees are taking action by participating in the TravelWise Winter Air Challenge, a friendly competition to see which agency can save the most trips and achieve the …

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Bicycle Collective

By Karen Wallner Have you noticed how many people seem to be commuting by bicycle these days? Have you found yourself wondering whether you have the right bike, the right clothes, or even the right information to get started? If so, you’re not alone. As part of DEQ’s Green Team Bike Month activities, we partnered …

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