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    2021 Public Notices Smithfield: Class IIIb Landfill Permit Renewal Public Notice (147 KB) Draft Permit (146 KB) Attachment #1 (Design and Construction) (8 MB) Attachment #2 (Operations Plan) (436 KB) Attachment #3 (Inspection Forms) (278 KB) Attachment #4 (Groundwater Monitoring Plan) (166 KB) Close of Comments: April 6, 2021 Email Comments: dwmrcpublic@utah.gov (dwmrcpublic@utah.gov (dwmrcpublic@utah.gov)) (See…

  • Daily Wintertime PM2.5 Speciation at Hawthorne and Smithfield

    For the primary purposes of better validating Utah DAQ’s photochemical modeling, UDAQ will do more frequent speciation of wintertime PM2.5 filters. EPA’s Chemical Speciation Network (CSN) requirements specify either one-in-three or one-in-six day speciation of PM2.5 at three Utah locations (Hawthorne, Bountiful, and Lindon).

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