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Water Quality: Keeping Pollutants from Going down the (Storm) Drain

By Harry Campbell You may have noticed a lot of water rushing into storm drains during the heavy rains this past month. This storm water runoff comes from homes, city streets, parking lots, industrial facilities, and construction sites and often contains sediment, fertilizer, pesticides, oil, gasoline, pet waste, or hazardous waste. And because storm water …

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Water Quality: Storm Water Pollution Affects All of Us

By Rhonda Thiele and Jeanne Riley If you heard the news reports last week about an oily sheen floating in Mill Creek, you probably also heard that it was traced back to a nearby storm drain. Sampling of the area near 3300 South and 700 East in Salt Lake City showed that the sheen came …

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SUCCESS Framework: DEQ Committed to Continuous Improvement

By Renette Anderson and Scott Baird The scientists and engineers at DEQ are data-driven and naturally curious. They measure air, surface and ground waters, and land impact from pollutants. Ask any one of them about his or her work, and each can quote statistics in orders of magnitude or parts per billion, whichever applies. It’s …

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