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VOC Emissions

Composition of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions From Oil and Gas Wells in the Uinta Basin

The Utah Division of Air Quality (UDAQ) is leading a new effort to improve estimates of the speciation of organic compound emissions from Uinta Basin oil and gas wells. Utah State University (USU) will work with UDAQ to collect and analyze pressurized gas and liquid samples from oil and gas well separators, as well as conduct data processing and analysis.

  • Principal Investigators: Seth Lyman, Trang Tran (USU)
  • Funded by Science for Solutions Grant: $30,358
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Partnership Ensures Clean Air, Land and Water in the Uinta Basin

By Jared Mendenhall Resourcefulness is as much a part of the frontier ethos as individualism. Coming up with ingenious solutions to life’s problems — on the cheap — is an essential skill in the rural expanses of the American West. Jordan Mathis, health officer and executive director of TriCounty Health Department, understands this. In fact, …

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ULend Program Helps Oil and Gas Operators Reduce Emissions

By Whitney Oswald The Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ’s) Division of Air Quality (DAQ) believes sound science leads to good decisions and effective regulations. That’s why we conduct research on complex air-quality issues — to identify causes and find solutions. For example, we’ve seen an increase in winter ozone levels in the Uinta Basin in recent years, and …

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Legislative Session Helps Us All Breathe a Little Easier

By Scott Baird The whirlwind of Utah’s 45 day legislative session is over, the dust has settled,  and we at the Department of Environmental Quality want to thank you for helping this session to be a success. The appropriations and legislation approved in this session will ensure that the Department can continue its ongoing work …

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DEQ’s Budget Priorities Reflect Our Values

By Scott Baird The 2017 Utah Legislature kicked off its 45-day session last week, marking the start of an exciting and occasionally hectic time for all of us at the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Although we are neutral players in the legislative process, our directors and scientists are available 24/7 to answer questions, …

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DEQ: Who Is DEQ in Rural Utah? District Engineers

By Donna Kemp Spangler They are unknown to the vast majority of Utahns. Yet the quality of life in rural Utah depends on them each and every day. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) employs four engineers, each one assigned to different corners of the state to ensure that tap water is clean, sewer …

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The Best “Airheads” in Utah Work to Solve Utah’s Air Quality Challenges

By Donna Kemp Spangler You don’t have to be an air quality expert to know that Utah’s mountain-and-valley topography creates wintertime inversions and summertime smog. It’s a matter of atmospheric chemistry, meteorology, and source emissions that are a recipe for unhealthy air. As one air scientist is fond of saying, “What goes out your tailpipe …

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Utah Attorney General’s Office: Meet the Environment Section

By Craig Anderson, Guest Blogger DEQ invites guest bloggers to share their thoughts on issues that impact our environment. We appreciate their insights and the opportunity to broaden the conversation with others in the community. What do attorneys do for the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)? What is our role? What are our successes? I …

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Success Framework: Agency Efficiency Is Good for Utah’s Environment

By Amanda Smith Last year, Governor Herbert launched his SUCCESS Framework, a set of management principles designed to improve quality and efficiency in government. We embraced these principles at DEQ, and over the past year we have implemented process improvements that have increased both our efficiency and our effectiveness. At DEQ, we define success as …

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