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  • VOC Community Monitoring: Neighborhood Air

    This project aims to monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) in underserved communities in Utah’s Wasatch Front. By conducting regular surveys using a mobile laboratory, the Division of Air Quality (DAQ) can gather data at the neighborhood level. Utah communities including North Salt Lake, Bountiful, Woods Cross, Poplar Grove, and several…

  • Methodology: Vehicle Miles Traveled Compared to 2-Stroke Lawn Equipment Use

    Comparison infographics for ChargeYourYard.utah.gov and the 2-stroke rule were created using the following methodology, using NOx + Volatile Organic Compounds emission for an average 2019 model year passenger vehicle in the Northern Wasatch Front geographic area. Emission Modeling System For Passenger Car: For Lawn & Garden 2-Stroke Equipment: Formulas Used

  • Reducing 2-Stroke Lawn Equipment Emissions

    Lawn care businesses: Get paid to go electric! Why it matters While our cars have gotten cleaner and cleaner in recent years thanks to modern emission controls and catalytic converters, 2-stroke engines have not kept pace with these improvements.  In fact, using a gas-powered leaf blower for one hour is the same as driving the…

  • Improving Volatile Organic Compound Emission Estimates for the Uintah Basin

    This study builds on last year’s effort to improve the speciation of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from oil and gas wells in the Uintah Basin. Better speciation profiles will yield a better emission inventory for the basin and will help focus emission reduction strategies. Principal Investigators: Trang Tran, Huy Tran (USU) Funded by Science…

  • ULend Program

    The ULend program is a collaborative approach for fixing compliance issues before they become a regulatory problem. The program focuses on small oil and gas producers who might not be able to afford the kind of expensive equipment that could help them identify and repair leaks early.

  • Pollution in Utah: Not Always the Usual Suspects

    By Brock LeBaron When we talk about ozone pollution in Utah, we usually think of wintertime ozone in the Uinta Basin and summertime ozone along the Wasatch Front. What we don’t always take into account is the global nature of ozone; what we often view as a localized problem actually comes from a combination of…

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