Tag: Watersheds

  • Watershed planning

    Our program develops plans to ensure clean water for drinking, recreation, fish and wildlife, and agriculture. We collaborate with stakeholders and partners, collect and analyze water quality and ecological data, identify pollution sources, and select projects and management practices to reduce pollution and restore waterways. We use total maximum daily load (TMDL) studies, nine-element watershed…

  • Healthy Watersheds for a Healthy Utah

    Wherever you are, you’re standing in a watershed. Learn more about watersheds, DEQ’s role in protecting these precious water resources, and what you can do to help keep our watersheds healthy.

  • Protecting Utah’s Watersheds

    A watershed is the area drained by a stream and its tributary branches, or in other words, the land area over which water flows or travels, and then drains into a stream and its tributaries.

  • Watershed Protection

    Utah’s Watershed Management Program is focused on protecting and restoring the water quality of our streams, lakes and ground water resources by employing the following key elements: Stewardship, Monitoring and Assessment, Coordination and Watershed Planning.

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