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  • Smoke Management Program

    Resources Land managers use the web portal to register prescribed fires, request burn windows, and report emissions Residential general burning by private citizens is addressed in a different program 2021 Smoke Program Annual Report Who Participates Federal and state land managers conducting prescribed fire in Utah. Projects on private and municipal land that meet the…

  • Is Pollution from Wood Smoke Going Down?
    All Your Burning Questions Answered

    Utah residents take wood-burning bans seriously and it’s paying off. A recent study found that wood-burning’s contribution to air pollution in Utah has declined by a factor of 4 to 5 over the past 10 years.

  • Understanding How Wood-Burning’s Contribution to Particulate Matter Concentrations Have Changed over Time

    Wood burning contributes to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution in the Wasatch Front, and reducing the use of wood burning during pollution episodes has been the focus of many policy decisions. This study looks at patterns of temperature, heat deficit, and day of the week along with markers of woodsmoke and mandatory no-burn days, to…

  • Wood Burn Program

    The Wood-Burn Program is designed to prevent particle pollution by restricting or banning wood burning during inversion periods.

  • Mobile Monitors Help Pinpoint Wood Smoke Sources

    Researchers from across the state gathered at Utah State University on March 28 for the third annual Air Quality: Science for Solutions conference. Jesse Glisson, along with researchers from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah and the Division of Air Quality, presented new research into understanding the contribution of woodsmoke to…

  • Wood-Burning Restrictions Go into Effect November 1

    The Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Air Quality (DAQ) reminds residents that wood-burning restrictions go into effect November 1, 2018, and urges Utahns to use online and mobile tools to monitor daily PM2.5 levels.

  • Air Quality: Confessions of an Ex-Wood Burner

    By Donna Spangler I’ll admit there was a time when I enjoyed curling up on my comfy couch with a crackling blaze burning in our wood-burning stove. That was 10 years ago, when my husband and I bought a historic house that featured a family room with a wood-burning stove. We enjoyed the evenings we…

  • Air Quality: Where there’s Smoke, there’s Pollution

    By Bo Call A cold winter night, a fire burning in the fireplace—what could be better? Well, that wood fire isn’t just filling your house with holiday cheer; it’s also filling it with pollutants that can hurt you. Most people don’t realize that the inviting smell of wood smoke comes along with some pretty hazardous…

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