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  • DAQ’s Role: Alton Coal Development, LLC

    The Division of Air Quality is charged with issuing an Approval Order (AO) to Alton Coal Mine if operational plans for the mine meet all state and federal air quality regulations. While groups and individuals may have questions and concerns about this operation, the Division of Air Quality may only act within the confines of…

  • Determining Compliance: Alton Coal Development, LLC

    Menu Alton Coal Development, LLC DAQ Role Air Quality inspectors will periodically make unannounced visits to the Alton Coal site. In addition, Alton will be required to file regular reports with DAQ. The air monitoring and quality assurance procedures Alton Coal is required to perform are based on guidelines detailed in Federal Regulations. On a…

  • Alton Coal Development, LLC

    Read about Utah DEQ’s regulatory interests in Alton Coal Development, LLC.

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