Alton Coal Development, LLC

The Alton Development Company Coal Mine (Alton Coal) operates a coal mine 30 miles south of Panguitch, Utah, 12 miles southwest of Bryce Canyon National Park, and 25 miles northeast Zion National Park.

Map: Alton in relation to nearby towns

Coal Hollow Underground Facilities

In November 2014, Alton Coal proposed changes to its existing permit for the Coal Hollow Mine. The company plans to locate underground facilities within an existing pit area at the mine. The addition of underground facilities would reduce surface disturbance of the permitted area and the length of the haul roads needed to transport coal to the processing/load-out facilities. The company’s Notice of Intent (NOI) proposes the addition of two generators to the current permit to operate underground equipment, including a fan. The generators will create minor increases in all criteria pollutants from the facility.

Coal Hollow Surface Mine

In 2010, Alton Coal submitted a proposal to expand its mine onto leased federal land. The Bureau of Land Management developed and reviewed a draft Environmental Impact Statement on the proposal. The Division of Air Quality (DAQ) issued an Intent to Approve (ITA) and requested public comments on the proposal. Following the public process, all submitted comments were reviewed by DAQ and considered during the final drafting of the permit. The division approved the air quality permit for this project on November 10, 2010, and attached conditions for ongoing air monitoring to ensure compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and track the long-term impacts of emissions from the facility.

For questions or more information contact Jon Black ( at (385) 306-6511.

Applicable Regulations

  • 40 CFR 60 Subparts A, Y, IIII and 40 CFR 63 Subpart ZZZZ
  • UACR 307-401

Air Monitoring Reports

Alton has completed the purchase of its air monitors and has placed them as specified.






Map: Alton Coal locations of air monitors


2016 Annual Monitoring Report


Annual Monitoring Report


2014 Annual Monitoring Report




2022 Public Notice: Water Quality

Alton Coal Development, LLC – Coal Hollow Project

2021 Public Notice: Water Quality

Alton Coal Development, LLC – Coal Hollow Project

2020 Public Notice: Water Quality

Alton Coal Development, LLC – North Private Lease

2017 Public Notice: Water Quality

Alton Coal Development, LLC – North Private Lease

  • Public Notice
  • Close of Comments: August 21, 2017
  • Public Hearing: None
  • Contact (Email): Bill Damery (
  • Type: 401 Water Quality Certification

2016 Public Notice: Water Quality

Alton Coal Development, LLC UT0025992

2013 Public Notice: Water Quality

Alton Coal Development, LLC—Coal Hollow Project Draft Permit

Concern for National Park Visibility

DEQ recognizes that the close proximity of Alton Coal mine to some of Utah’s premier National and State Parks raises questions about visibility and air quality. DEQ is committed to assuring that the permit will protect these values while respecting the rules and regulations that define this process.

For more information on our work on National Park Visibility, see our Regional Haze State Implementation Plan.

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