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  • Cornerstone (Kennecott’s Expansion Project):
    Kennecott Utah Copper LLC

    Introduction In 2011 Kennecott Utah Copper LLC announced a proposal to expand the life of its Bingham Canyon Mine located in the southwest Salt Lake County. The expansion project, called “Cornerstone,” included widening the Bingham Canyon pit to accommodate operations focused on the mining and processing of ore located on the southeast margin of the…

  • Approval Order Modification Granted: Cornerstone:
    Kennecott Utah Copper LLC

    On June 27, 2011, the Division of Air Quality has approved Kennecott’s request to modify its Approval Order, outlined in a Notice of Intent (NOI). The NOI centered on a requested increase in the limit of the material moved from 197 to 260 million tons per year. The public comment period ended on March 20,…

  • Concentrator Request: Cornerstone:
    Kennecott Utah Copper LLC

    Addition of an Ore Grinding Line and an Ore Sorting Plant Public comment is being sought through August 18, 2011 on Kennecott’s request to install and operate a fifth ore grinding line and an ore sorting plant at the Copperton Concentrator. The new equipment will consist of an ore sorting plant with a baghouse, a…

  • Modification of Molybdenum Autoclave Process (MAP) Plant:
    Kennecott Utah Copper LLC

    The MAP facility is currently under construction, and commissioning is expected to start in 2013. Public comment is being sought through March 11, 2013 on Kennecott’s request to modify the design of the MAP plant. The design changes have resulted in the modification of the cooling tower. Kennecott will also add a natural gas-fired boiler,…

  • Document Repository: Cornerstone:
    Kennecott Utah Copper LLC Projects

    Jump to: Approval Order Issued Air Quality SIP Amendment This page provides links to documents associated with the various regulatory decisions by DEQ. Approval Order Issued (June 27, 2011) Final Permit (647 KB) Complete and Final Notice of Intent Final Notice of Intent (63MB) Cover—1.0 Introduction (384 KB) 2.0 Description of Emission Sources (72 KB)…

  • SIP Amendments: Cornerstone:
    Kennecott Utah Copper LLC

    By a vote of 5-4 in its May 4, 2011 meeting, the Air Quality Board approved the Amendment to the Utah State Implementation Plan, Emission Limits and Operating Practices, Section Ix.H.2.h, and to amend Rule R307-110-17, Section IX and Part H. The issue before the Board was whether or not the 2005 PM SIP (currently…

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