SIP Amendments: Cornerstone:
Kennecott Utah Copper LLC

By a vote of 5-4 in its May 4, 2011 meeting, the Air Quality Board approved the Amendment to the Utah State Implementation Plan, Emission Limits and Operating Practices, Section Ix.H.2.h, and to amend Rule R307-110-17, Section IX and Part H. The issue before the Board was whether or not the 2005 PM SIP (currently incorporated into State Rules) should be revised to allow Kennecott to increase its production.

A public comment period was held and ended on March 20, 2011. Comments received either in writing or by Email during the public comment period are linked below. Although DEQ is not required to post these comments on its Website, it did so to aid the public discourse.

In the May 4 Board meeting, there was a lengthy discussion on whether the SIP could be revised. DAQ pointed out that there is often a lag time of many years between the State’s submittal of a SIP to EPA and EPA’s final action on that submittal. In the interim, business in the State must be allowed to proceed, provided there is compliance with applicable air quality regulations. On technical merits, DAQ recommended that the Board approve the limit because the 2005 SIP can still meet the adequacy demonstration required by 40 CFR 51.112 (a).

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