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Utah Lake, Jordan River, Canals Algal Bloom Monitoring 2018

Utah County Alerts To sign up for updates: go to alerts.utahcounty.gov and create an account. Select contact methods. Create profile, select location. Choose alert subscription “Utah Lake” under “Utah County Alerts.” Update July 20, 2018 Division of Water Quality (DWQ) monitoring crews collected samples at four locations on Utah Lake on July 16, 2018. Crews …

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Harmful Algal Blooms: When It Isn’t Good to Be Green

Interview with Ben Holcomb If you’ve ever recreated at one of Utah’s lakes or reservoirs, you’ve probably seen areas where greenish scum was floating on the water or collecting on the shore. What you probably didn’t know — at least until this past week with the closure of Utah Lake — was that this bright-green water …

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The Jordan River Commission: We Speak for the River

By Brian Tonetti, Guest Blogger DEQ invites guest bloggers to share their thoughts on issues that impact our environment. We appreciate their insights and the opportunity to broaden the conversation with others in the community. If you grew up along the Wasatch Front, chances are you’ve heard about the Jordan River in some way or …

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