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  • Jordan River Recreational Monitoring

    Updates December 4, 2023: Harmful algal bloom (HAB) monitoring update Recreational monitoring has ended for the season. Waterborne pathogen or harmful algal bloom concerns may still arise at this waterbody. Know what to look for and check before recreating. September 5, 2023: Harmful algal bloom (HAB) monitoring update BE CAREFUL: A harmful algal bloom is…

  • Utah Lake, Jordan River, Canals Algal Bloom 2016

    Update: October 11, 2016 The last few samples taken at Utah Lake showed minimal cyanobacteria cell concentrations. The Division of Water Quality (DWQ) has suspended harmful algal bloom (HAB) data collection until or unless it receives reports of deteriorating conditions from field crews visiting the lake weekly or members of the public. Three buoys collecting…

  • Utah Lake, Jordan River, Canals Algal Bloom 2017

    Update November 1, 2017 The sampling season for Utah Lake is coming to a close. The Division of Water Quality (DWQ) will conduct its monthly sampling later in November, but BYU researchers have concluded their weekly sampling of the lake for the season. The Utah County Health Department (UCHD) will begin removing warning signs from…

  • Jordan River

    Read about Utah DEQ’s regulatory interests in the Jordan River.

  • Jordan River: Monitoring Ecological Change with Smartphones and Social Media

    Salt Lake County Watershed Planning & Restoration is using crowd-sourced photos to help with the ongoing monitoring of its stream restoration projects on the Jordan River. The county invites people to set their phone or camera in an angle bracket, take a photo, and post it to Twitter with a site-specific hashtag.

  • Harmful Algal Blooms: When It Isn’t Good to Be Green

    Interview with Ben Holcomb If you’ve ever recreated at one of Utah’s lakes or reservoirs, you’ve probably seen areas where greenish scum was floating on the water or collecting on the shore. What you probably didn’t know — at least until this past week with the closure of Utah Lake — was that this bright-green water…

  • Monitoring Maps and Locations:
    Red Butte Creek Oil Spill

    Monitoring Maps Monitoring Locations Results for samples taken at the following locations. 300 North at Jordan River (4991900) 800 South 1050 West (Indiana Avenue) (4992050) 900 South at Jordan River Storm Drain (4992057) 1100 East Red Butte Crossing (4992083) 1300 South 900 West (Storm Drain) (4992070) 1700 South at Jordan River (4992290) 1800 North at…

  • Mitigation Funds Awarded:
    Red Butte Creek Oil Spill

    Fourteen projects have been selected to receive full or partial funding for waterway enhancements on Red Butte Creek and downstream waters. The $3 million in funding for the projects comes as part of a November 2011 settlement agreement with Chevron Pipe Line Company, which released crude oil and condensate into Red Butte Creek during June…

  • Water Chemistry:
    Red Butte Creek Oil Spill

    Read about Red Butte Creek Oil Spill data collected.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Red Butte Creek

    Frequently Asked Questions about the Red Butte Creek spill.

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