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Mitigation Funds Awarded:
Red Butte Creek Oil Spill

Agency/OrganizationProject TitleTotal RequestTotal Award
1.Utah Division of Wildlife ResourcesEngineering/Feasibility Plan for Bonneville Cutthroat Spawning Trap Design (687 KB)$24,300$24,300
2.Natural History Museum of Utah, University of UtahEnhancing Habitat Quality for Seasonal Movement of Mule Deer within the Red Butte Creek Corridor in Research Park and Fort Douglas (12.4 MB)$169,310$0
3.Salt Lake City CorporationLiberty Lake Restoration (778 KB) (Liberty Lake Enhancement)$359,516$276,596
4.Salt Lake City CorporationJordan River Corridor Restoration (4.1 MB) (Jordan River Trailside Enhancement and Improvement)$1,095,234$355,000
5.Salt Lake City CorporationMiller Park Bird Refuge Restoration Project (Miller Park Bird Refuge Restoration and Enhancement Project)$767,612$767,612
6.Salt Lake City Corporation900 South Oxbow Restoration Project (6.9 MB) (900 South Oxbow Restoration and Enhancement Project)$383,322$382,322
7.Jordan River CommissionBest Practices for Riparian Corridor Conservation and Development (2.3 MB)$349,000$275,000
8.Salt Lake County Health DepartmentAir Sampling Training and Equipment (202 KB) (Emergency Response Air Sampling Training and Equipment)$30,000$30,000
9.Salt Lake County Watershed Planning and Restoration ProgramRiparian Restoration and Streambank Stabilization on Red Butte Creek (6.8 MB)$212,500$212,500
10.Farmington Bay Water Fowl Management Area (FBWFMA)Emergency Booms (1.9 MB)$9,250$9,250
11.Farmington Bay Water Fowl Management Area (FBWFMA)Channel Clearing Proposal (2.3 MB)$392,000$171,000
12.Farmington Bay Water Fowl Management Area (FBWFMA)Artificial Islands Proposal (2.6 MB)$445,000$0
13.Farmington Bay Water Fowl Management Area (FBWFMA)Unit 1 Enhancement Proposal (1.9 MB)$255,420$255,420
14.Farmington Bay Water Fowl Management Area (FBWFMA)J-Dike Proposal (1.9 MB)$97,416$0
15.Great Salt LakekeeperEnhancement of Watershed Cleanup Efforts Along Red Butte Creek and the Jordan River (18 KB)$40,000$20,000
16.Tracy AviaryRiparian Corridor Enhancement (38 KB) (Watershed Outreach and Educational Program)$300,000$130,000
17.Salt Lake County Fish and Game AssociationMiller Park/Bonneville Glen Red Butte Creek Restoration (Bonneville Glen Restoration and Enhancement on Red Butte Creek)$382,000$90,000

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