Tooele County Facility:
Stericycle Inc.

The Division of Air Quality and the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control approved the air-quality and solid-waste permits, respectively, for the Tooele County Facility on September 1, 2017.

Proposed Facility

Stericycle proposes to construct, own, and operate a hospital, medical, and infectious waste incinerator (HMIWI) facility in Tooele County. The proposed facility will be located on a 40-acre parcel in a manufacturing zone that includes Wasatch Regional Landfill, U.S. Magnesium, and ATI metals.

Stericycle plans to construct and operate two HMIWI units equipped with an automated waste feed system to meet the hospital, medical, and infectious (HMI) waste per hour, for a total hourly processing volume of 4,100 pounds per hour. The maximum permitted capacity at the new facility will be 18,000 tons of HMI waste per year, or an average of 49.3 tons per day.

Process Description

The facility will receive and incinerate packaged medical waste using a process similar to its North Salt Lake incinerator and will operate approximately 24 hours a day.

HMI waste will be transported in containers to the facility by truck. Containers will be staged for processing or maintained in storage until they are ready to be processed. All containers will be weighed, scanned to document receipt, and checked for radioactivity. Waste will be loaded into the feed system and charge hopper, and an automated feed system will feed waste material into one of the two incinerators.

Each incinerator will have a two-stage combustion system to ensure complete destruction of waste, and each unit will be equipped with its own air pollution control (APC) system. The APC system will include a selective non-catalytic reduction system (SNCR), waste heat boiler, evaporative cooler, baghouse, carbon-injection system, dry sorbent injection, wet gas absorber, and carbon bed.

Incineration will generate two types of ash: bottom ash and fly ash. Stericycle will collect both types of ash, analyze them for hazardous compounds, and transport and dispose of them in a permitted landfill.

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