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  • Dirt Pro Excavating LLC

    2022 Public Notice Dirt Pro Excavating LLC: Zion View Suites: Unpermitted

  • Help Us Identify Watershed Improvement Project Needs

    Every four years, the EPA requires the Utah Division of Water Quality to develop a comprehensive list of the Clean Water Needs within the state. This is the first year that the agency has been asked to take a comprehensive approach to identify watershed improvement needs statewide. The nonpoint source program has developed an online…

  • Utah Lake Preservation Fund Grant Program

    The Utah Division of Water Quality is pleased to announce the approval of the following Utah Lake Preservation Fund projects. The Division received 33 applications with a total request of $60,238,845. A total of 18 projects have been approved by the Executive Selection Committee for funding. During the 2022 General Session, the Utah Legislature created…

  • September 28, 2022 Agenda: Water Quality Board

    Agenda Water Quality Board Meeting – Roll Call

  • September 22, 2022 Agenda: Water Quality Board Finance Committee Meeting

    Agenda The Water Quality Board (WQB) will meet to discuss the funding requests made during the Fiscal Year application process. The WQB will discuss available unobligated balances, funding program requirements, and potential staff recommendations for Board packets to be made during the next Board meeting. Anyone is welcome to attend this meeting. No public comment…

  • Southern Utah Reuse ARPA Grant Program

    The Southern Utah Reuse ARPA Grant program is a competitive grant program for wastewater reuse projects in Southern Utah, with priority for projects that mitigate the impacts of drought in rural communities and the agricultural sector. The Utah Division of Water Quality has announced the recipients of the Southern Utah Reuse ARPA Grant Program. A…

  • Water Quality American Rescue Plan Act Funds (ARPA)

    State Appropriations During the 2022 session, the legislature appropriated ARPA funds for three groups of water quality projects that will be administered by the Department of Environmental Quality or the Utah Water Quality Board: 1. Southern Utah – Recycle/Reuse, 2. Utah Lake Preservation, and 3. West Weber Site Sewer Infrastructure. Southern Utah – Recycle/Reuse Grant…

  • Beaver City

    2022 Public Notices Beaver City: Canyon Plant No. 2

  • August 24, 2022 Agenda: Water Quality Board

    Agenda Water Quality Board Meeting – Roll Call 9:00 – 9:30 am 9:30 – 10:30 am 10:30 – 10:45 am Break 10:45 am

  • Benthic Mats: Harmful Algal Bloom Examples

    Harmful algal blooms may also occur as benthic mats. These mats grow on the bottom of the waterbody and may detach and float downstream. They are found in both standing and flowing water.

  • Beryl Junction EcoDrum Treatment Facility

    2022 Public Notices Beryl Junction EcoDrum Treatment Facility

  • Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems

    2022 Public Notices Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS): Payson Power Project (Nebo Power Station) 

  • Sunstone Homes Inc.

    2022 Public Notices Sunstone Homes Inc.: Skyline Ridge Sunset Homes: Unpermitted

  • Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems in Source Protection Zones

    Across Utah, development pressures have placed groundwater protection and local development interests at odds with one another, especially in non-sewered areas where onsite wastewater systems (OWS), otherwise known as septic tanks, are the preferred method for addressing wastewater. Protecting groundwater quality is critical because wells and springs are vulnerable to contamination. The Utah Department of…

  • JWright Companies, Inc.

    2022 Public Notices JWright Companies, Inc.: Jordan Bluffs Holmes Homes Phase 1: Permit UTRC01134

  • Marathon Petroleum

    2022 Public Notices Marathon Petroleum: Marathon Warm Springs

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