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Permit History: Promontory Point Landfill

Jump to: 2017 2016 2011 Menu Promontory Point Landfill Facility Permit Information Facility Class I Permit Class I Permit Timeline Oct 2017: Landfill owners requested a major modification to the permit to change the location of down-gradient ground water monitoring well locations to within 500 feet of the landfill boundary. Public comment for this permit …

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Facility Permit Information: Promontory Point Landfill

Menu: Promontory Point Landfill Facility Class I Permit History Facility Class I Permit Class I Permit (2011) (eDocs link to 2011 permit) Class I Permit modification (2016) Permit Modification and Design Report Permit Modification Approval  Proposed Class I Permit Modification (2017) Permit Modification request Draft Permit Modification Facility Owner Promontory Point Resources, LLC 32 East …

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Promontory Point Landfill

The Promontory Point Landfill is located on the west side of the southern peninsula tip of Promontory Point. It currently holds a Class I solid waste permit initially issued by DEQ in March 2004. The landfill is the only privately owned, Class I landfill in the state. The company recently broke ground on the 2,000 …

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