Promontory Point Landfill

The Promontory Point Landfill is located on the west side of the southern peninsula tip of Promontory Point. It currently holds a Class I solid waste permit initially issued by DEQ in March 2004. The landfill is the only privately owned, Class I landfill in the state. The company recently broke ground on the 2,000 acre site and plans to begin operations in Fall 2018. The site includes 1,000 acres for disposal bounded by a 1,000 acre buffer area.

Class I Permit

Class I landfills are noncommercial facilities that can accept municipal solid waste, commercial waste, industrial waste, construction/demolition waste, special waste such as incinerator ash, and conditionally exempt small-quantity generator hazardous waste. A Class I permit requires that, among other things, a facility meets the following conditions before it can accept waste:

  1. The facility is solely under contract with a local government within Utah for waste generated within the boundaries of the local government. Each contract shall be approved by the Director of the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control (DWMRC) prior to acceptance of the waste at the site.
  2. The facility must demonstrate adequate financial assurance, meaning there is funding to cover closure and post-closure costs in the event the facility is unable to pay.
  3. The landfill installs monitoring wells in accordance with a ground water monitoring plan to protect human health and the environment.