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  • Ask An Environmental Scientist: Do More Electric Vehicles = Less Winter Inversions?

    Do electric vehicles affect winter air quality? How does an increase in electric power demand affect local pollution? Answers from a DEQ scientist inside.

  • New Stations Installed to Monitor Inland Port Emissions

    This summer scientists from DAQ have installed two new air quality monitors to measure potential emissions from the inland port.

  • Air Quality Compliance Outreach Newsletter Volume 4
    July 2020

    Area Source Rule R307-361 – Architectural Coatings Fact Sheet Overview Architectural coatings are paints and other related products used for homes and buildings. The Utah Division of Air Quality, R307-361, was adopted to as part of a package of rules designed to help minimize pollution. The rule applies to any person who supplies, sells, offer…

  • Fireworks, Air Quality, and Wildfires, Oh My!

    Fireworks are beautiful, but they also produce high concentrations of smoke and particulates (PM) that can harm our air quality and cause wildfires.

  • Monthly Activities: Air Quality Stationary Source Compliance

    2020 May 2020 (69 KB) April 2020 (962 KB) March 2020 (1.1 MB) February 2020 (1 MB)

  • Marginal Ozone Inventory Technical Support Documents

    Note: Excel workbooks and files are available upon request. 2017 Marginal Ozone Inventory Technical Support Document Northern Wasatch Front Area Source & Oil and Gas (20 KB) Non-Road Mobile (217 KB) Non-Road Mobile for Oil and Gas (344 KB) Off-Road Mobile for Oil and Gas (101 KB) On-Road Mobile (55 KB) Point Source (31 KB)…

  • Impacts on Air Quality During COVID-19

    What impact did fewer cars on the road due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, teleworking and social distancing have on Utah air quality? Logan Mitchell, a researcher at the University of Utah, took a look at the data from DEQ’s monitors to find out.

  • Metrics: Air Quality

    Jump to: Ozone PM2.5 PM10

  • Stationary Source Compliance Contacts (801) 536-4000 Main Phone (Reception Desk)(801) 536-4099 FAX Number(801) 536-0091 Eleanor Divver, Business Assistance Coordinator Alphabetical by Employee Name Phone Section Morris, Jay ( (801) 536-4079 Compliance Assistant Director Burge, Harold ( (385) 306-6509 Major Source Compliance Section Manager Beem, Cindy ( (385) 306-6513 Major Source Compliance Leishman, Rob ( (801) 536-4438 Major Source…

  • Answers to Your Questions about Greenhouse Gas, Tier 3 Vehicle Standards

    On March 31, 2020, EPA and NHTSA announced a final rule revising the GHG/CAFE standards. This week’s Utah DEQ Blog takes a deep dive into the rule and how it affects Utah.

  • Air Quality Compliance Outreach Newsletter Volume 3

    The Annual Report is intended to provide an overview of Utah’s air quality, as well as the Division of Air Quality’s organization, activities, and progress throughout 2019. 2019 – 2020 Residential Wood Smoke Summary Utah Administrative Code (UAC) R307-302 establishes visible emission standards & specifies when it is permissible to burn solid fuel burning devices…

  • Air Quality Self-Audit for Small Businesses

    Review each question carefully and if you can answer yes to the bolded questions, please pay close attention because you may need to fill out a permit request form (494 KB). Take note of your responses. Pay particular attention to questions #1, #2, #7, #10, #11, #12, and #15. They may indicate that operational changes…

  • Dry Cleaning Using Perchloroethylene (perc)
    Rule and Guidance Documents

    Record Keeping Forms Dry Cleaner Compliance Calendar

  • Uinta Basin Oil and Gas Engine Electrification Grant

    A Targeted Air Shed Grant Program In 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency identified the Uinta Basin as one of the top five most polluted areas for ozone, resulting in an award of $5 million to the Utah Division of Air Quality (DAQ) to reduce emissions from oil and gas operations. DAQ offers incentives for oil…

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