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  • Proposed changes to R311 Petroleum Storage Tank rules

    The Division of Environmental Response and Remediation (DERR) is proposing changes to R311, the Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) rules. DERR will be accepting informal comments on the proposed rule changes until May 10, 2024. Proposed changes Rules to be amended Questions? Morgan Atkinson ( 536-4100

  • Proposed Changes to R311,
    Underground Storage Tank Rules

    Due to legislation passed in the 2021 session, Senate Bill SB-40, Storage Tanks Amendments, the Division of Environmental Response and Remediation (DERR) began regulating specific types of Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks (APSTs). The bill was approved by the House and Senate in the General Legislative Session 2021 and signed by Governor Cox on March 16,…

  • Rules & Regulations: Petroleum Storage Tanks & Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

    40CFR Part 280 – EPA Federal rules and regulations governing underground storage tanks. Utah Administrative Code R311 Updated Utah Petroleum Storage Tank Rules Utah UST Act A state statute that allows for regulation of petroleum storage tanks within the state of Utah and allows us to implement the Federal UST Program.

  • Forms

    Compliance/Notification Testing Forms Certification & Registration Forms

  • UST Compliance

    Certificate of Compliance How to obtain a Certificate of Compliance for your underground storage tanks. Closing USTs How to close underground storage tanks in Utah. How to prepare for Inspections What you need to do to have a successful UST compliance inspection in Utah. Installing USTs How to install underground storage tanks in Utah. Lists…

  • PST Branch Contacts

    Find who to contact with your PST and LPST questions. Release Prevention and Compliance Section Morgan Atkinson – Section 979-2512 Gary 251-1756 Phillip 230-9116 Melissa 251-0937 Laura 656-2847 DeAnn 251-0936 Rick 251-1382 Kim 251-0894 Sean 251-1036 David 251-0893 Environmental Assurance Program Cleanup Section Mike Pecorelli…

  • DERR Payment Portal: Shopping Cart

    NOTICE: There is a $4,000 transaction limit. If you are paying for multiple invoices or fees that total more than $4,000 you will need to break it up into multiple transactions or pay by check.

  • Underground Storage Tank Permits

    Menu: Contacts Fees Process Overview Time Required Storage Tank Permits Underground storage tank owners and operators must register all tanks with the Division of Environmental Response and Remediation. Petroleum tanks must have a Certificate of Compliance. Permanent tank closure requires prior Closure Plan approval. Companies installing new tanks must have an installation permit. Certification also…

  • Tank Fees Summary

    Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Notification Fee Registration Fees (Starting July 1, 2024) Due annually July 1 or before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued for new, lapsed, or revoked facilities. PST Fund Fees For Facilities on the PST Fund Due annually July 1 or before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued for new,…

  • Record Search Tools

    Report Mapping Related Inaccuracies Michelle Horning, Environmental Scientist/GIS Specialist Accessing to DEQ Records Contact Jennifer Nelson Note: Not all records are available for review electronically.

  • UST Issues Email Alerts Sign Up

    Issues Alerts The Utah Department of Environmental Quality is sponsoring an electronic mail server, known as a List Server or Listserv, for UST Issues in Utah. This service uses email systems to distribute messages to all members of the list. Joining or subscribing to the list, as well as unsubscribing, is the responsibility of each…

  • Assessment Grant Funding: Petroleum Storage Tank Branch

    Persons interested in having their property assessed using available petroleum brownfields grant monies will work with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to determine if their site is eligible for funding assistance. The following criteria will be used to determine site eligibility: If you are interested in more information about the potential uses of…

  • Underground Storage Tank Branch

    Jump to: Attention: APST Regulation Begins July 2021 The Division of Environmental Response and Remediation (DERR) began regulating Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks (APSTs) starting July 1, 2021. News and Announcements UST Program The Utah State Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program is a branch of the Department of Environmental Quality. The primary goal of the UST Program is…

  • Compliance Section

    Comments and Questions All questions and comments about this page may be directed to David Wilson (

  • Owner and Operator Testing Dates and Times: Owner/Operator Training and Registration Program:

    You must complete a Approved Operator Training Course prior to taking the Owner/Operator exam. The State may administer the exam at the conclusion of the training course. Contact the course instructor for more information. All students taking the Owner/Operator exam must register with DERR at least one week prior to taking the exam. Thisincludes exams…

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