Proposed changes to R311 Petroleum Storage Tank rules

The Division of Environmental Response and Remediation (DERR) is proposing changes to R311, the Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) rules. DERR will be accepting informal comments on the proposed rule changes until May 10, 2024.

Proposed changes

  1. Requiring the same leak detection and testing requirements for all Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks (APSTs) whether they are participating in the Environmental Assurance Program (EAP) or have financial assurance by another method. Companies offering an alternate form of financial assurance may have their own Leak Detection and Testing requirements for APSTs but DERR wants to ensure that all APSTs meet certain requirements at a minimum.
  2. Simplifying the complexity of required spill prevention testing that works for USTs but doesn’t always fit for APSTs. This requires spill prevention equipment on APSTs to meet fire code only and not require integrity testing.
  3. Allowing a delivery prohibition tag to be placed on a PST that fails a tightness test or has evidence of a leak.
  4. Other changes are proposed to fix minor errors and to clarify certain rules.

Rules to be amended

  • R311-201. Petroleum Storage Tanks: Certification Programs and UST Operator Training.
  • R311-203. Petroleum Storage Tanks: Technical Standards.
  • R311-204. Petroleum Storage Tanks: Closure and Remediation.
  • R311-206. Petroleum Storage Tanks: Certificate of Compliance and Financial Assurance Mechanisms.


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