Releases from Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) and Underground Heating Oil Tanks (UHOTs): Leaking Petroleum Storage Tanks (LPST) Program

The Division of Environmental Response and Remediation (DERR) has entered into an agreement with the Division of Water Quality (DWQ) to assume oversight of petroleum releases from above ground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground heating oil tanks (UHOTs). This agreement consolidates and clarifies the roles of each Division, making more efficient use of State resources. The agreement will allow for more consistent and effective evaluation and cleanup of AST and UHOT releases.

When a petroleum release from an AST/UHOT is reported, DERR sends information that outlines the requirements for investigating, abating, and remediating the release. The information includes an application that the responsible party must sign, agreeing to follow the DERR policies, guidelines, and requirements for leaking petroleum storage tanks.

If at any time during the DERR oversight process the responsible party does not comply with the DERR requirements, the case file will be transferred to the DWQ for further action.

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