Funding: Petroleum Storage Tank Program

Funding the PST Fund

Sources of revenue for the PST Fund are petroleum storage tank fees, UST installation company permit fees, and the environmental assurance fee (currently 0.65 cent per gallon on the first sale or use of petroleum products in the state).

Certificate of Compliance

An PST may not be used to store petroleum products until it is issued a Certificate of Compliance by the Division of Environmental Response and Remediation (DERR). The DERR ensures that regulated PSTs meet state and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

To obtain a Certificate of Compliance, owners/operators must register their PSTs with DERR, perform a complete PST system tightness test, and pay tank fees. Only PSTs with current Certificates of Compliance can be covered by the PST Fund.

Additional information on the PST Fund can be found in the Petroleum Storage Tank Trust Fund Claim Information Packet dated September 8, 2010.

Join the PST Fund

Accessing the PST Fund

To access funds, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

  • The leak or release must have occurred during a period for which the tank was covered by the PST Fund; and,
  • a claim must be filed during the period when the tank was covered by the PST Fund; or,
  • within one year after the PST Fund covered tank was closed; or,
  • within six months after the end of the period during which the tank was covered by the PST Fund.

PST Fund Information

Application for PST Fund Eligibility

Work Plans

Payment Voucher

  • Request for Payment Voucher: PDF | Excel

Comments or Questions

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