Contractor Certification Program:

UST Rules R311-201 requires individuals working on Underground Storage Tank systems to be certified by DERR.

Applicants for first time Certification for Groundwater/Soil Sampler, UST Remover, and UST Installer must attend a Division of Environmental Response and Remediation (DERR) approved course or equivalent. Those whose certification has been expired for more than two years must also take a DERR approved course or equivalent.

UST rules require individuals applying for certification renewal to complete a course “equivalent” to previously DERR approved training courses. Course requirements and the responsibility to provide appropriate training have not been deleted, but rather, passed to the applicant. Applicant for renewal must take the recertification exam administered at the DERR on one of the scheduled dates. Individuals may obtain a study guide in preparation for taking the examination.

For more information contact Chelsea Qualls ( (801) 536-4100.

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Certification Applications

You must submit an application, supporting documents and certification fee five business days prior to taking the exam, not the day of testing. Incomplete application packets will not be accepted. All applications submitted must be accompanied by the documentation and fees outlined by the eligibility requirements for certification. The Citizenship Certification or Legal Resident Form (289 KB) must be completed, notarized, and submitted with all applications.

Eligibility Requirements for Certification

Comments and Questions

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