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Attention all Tier 2 Users

Utah’s State ID format has been updated from a 4-digit ID to an 8-character ID. This 8-character ID will consist of six digits preceded by “UT”. All users who have previously been assigned a 4-digit ID will still use that assigned number, preceded by “UT00”. For example, if your original 4-digit ID number was 1234, your new ID will be “UT001234”. All users who are reporting for a new facility that hasn’t reported in the past can request a new State ID through the Tier 2 Online Submission Portal.

We converted to a new Tier 2 Online Submission Portal in January 2018. If you have not yet created an account in this new submission portal, follow these steps.


Utah requires electronic submission of Tier 2 data using EPA’s Tier 2 Submit software (this creates a t2s file that you’ll upload to DEQ’s portal. Read more about the portal below).

Paper submissions of Tier 2 information are being phased out and replaced with an electronic submission Tier 2 portal.

A User Account is required to upload data into the new Tier 2 portal. (See Introduction video or Step #1 in the Guidance Manual (2 MB) for help.)

Instructional Videos on Using the Tier 2 Submission Portal

Steps 1

Steps 2-8


This submission application verifies each facility location (e.g., latitude, longitude) during the file (.t2s) upload process.

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For more information, contact the EPCRA Tier 2 Coordinator (eqderrtier2@utah.gov) or call (801) 536-4100.

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