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State Implementation Plan (SIP)

SIP Document

To protect public health, the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C Section 7401) requires that federal standards be set to limit the maximum levels of pollutants in the outdoor air. Each state is responsible for developing plans to demonstrate how those standards will be achieved, maintained, and enforced. These plans make up the state implementation plan. The plans and rules associated with them are enforced by the State, and, after federal approval, they are also federally enforceable. These plans are the framework for each state's program to protect the air.

In areas where the air quality has improved to the point that the National Ambient Air Quality Standards are no longer exceeded, the implementation plan remains in effect and a maintenance plan is prepared to demonstrate how the air will be kept clean for the next twenty years or longer. These maintenance plans also become part of the SIP.

You can access Utah’s SIP the following ways:

Nonattainment and Maintenance Area information

For more information or questions contact Thomas Gunter (801) 536-4419.