Decontamination Act:
Environmental Response and Remediation Laws and Rules

Title 19, Chapter 6, Part 9—
Illegal Drug Operations Site Reporting and Decontamination Act

General Description

This bill provides procedures for local health departments regarding property contaminated by illegal drug operations and addresses decontamination of property exposed to methamphetamine.

Highlighted Provisions

  • Requires local law enforcement to report contaminated property locations to the local health department;
  • Requires the local health departments to make reports available to the public, as advisory information only;
  • Requires local health departments to notify the property owner of the report, and also to notify the county or municipality if the property owner is not taking action regarding the contamination;
  • Directs the Department of Health to make rules that include certification standards regarding decontamination of contaminated property;
  • Directs the Department of Environmental Quality to establish certification program for decontamination specialists;
  • Requires cleanup of contamination and certification that a contaminated property has been cleaned up; and,
  • Establishes a program to certify specialists who provide evaluation, sampling, and cleanup of contaminated properties.

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