Comment Response Summary: Natural Resource Damage (NRD) Three-Party Agreement:
Kennecott Utah Copper LLC

August 31, 2004

Introduction to the Comment Response Summary

Responses to Common Comments

  1. Process for Public Involvement
  2. Groundwater and Aquifer Characterization in Zone A and Zone B
  3. Support for Groundwater Cleanup
  4. Sulfate Plume Treatment
  5. Zone A Acid Plume Treatment
  6. Zone B and Shallow Aquifer (Lost Use) Groundwater Cleanup
  7. Use of Tailings Impoundment for Disposal of Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant Concentrate
  8. No Discharge of Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant Concentrates to Jordan River
  9. Potential Impacts to Great Salt Lake as a Result of Concentrate Discharge
  10. Individual Well Owner Concerns
  11. Allocation of Treated Water
  12. Kennecott Liability for Natural Resource Damage and Use of Trust Fund for Joint Proposal
  13. Regulatory Oversight of Construction and Operation of Project

Index of Commenters

This index of commenters has been assembled to assist in locating responses to comments made by a specific person.

Comments Received and Responses to Comments

Contact Information

For more information on this project, contact Doug Bacon (, Project Manager (801) 536-4282.

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