Testing Requirements: Owner/Operator Approved Training Courses:

The information on this page does not constitute an endorsement, expressed or implied, by the State of Utah or the Division of Environmental Response and Remediation.

The A and B Operator Training Courses listed below are approved by DERR for both A and B Operator Registration. Indicate on the application if you are registering for Class A, Class B, or both. The responsibilities of the Class A and B Operators are similar, but there are differences.

Please note that re-training is required if any of the facilities listed on the application are found to be out of compliance under the responsibilities listed for the Class A and B operator (R311-201-12(d) and R311-201-12(e)).


Online Class A, B and C Operator Training
Angela Dunn
Email (angela.dunn@anteagroup.us) | Phone: (314) 312-3734

C.S.U. Inc.

A and B Operator Training Courses
Email (Training@CommercialServiceUnlimited.com) | Phone: (801) 334-7867 | FAX: (801) 395-1720

PASS Training and Compliance

Online A, B, and C UST Operator Training Courses
Raymond Rees
Email (ray@passtesting.com) | Phone: (765) 281-5588

Petro Classroom

A and B Operator Training Courses
Patrick J. Vuchetich and Tammy Fagan
Email (pjv@petroclassroom) | Email (tsr@petroclassroom) | Phone: (844) 303-6752

Petroleum Safety Council

A and B Operator Training Courses
Catherine Stewart—Director of Training
Email (cstewart.psc@mail.com) | Phone: (913) 963-3198 | Toll Free: (877) 878-9727 Ext. 700

TAIT Environmental Services, Inc.

Online A and B Operator Training Courses
Classroom courses available on request.

Andy Tait
Email (atait@tait.com) | Phone: (972) 680-5120

UST Training, Inc

Online Class A/B and C Operator Training Courses
Ben Thomas
Email ( info@USTtraining.com
Phone (866) 301-8265)

Westech Environmental

A and B Operator Training
Bi-Weekly or On-Demand Classroom Courses
On-line Course Available
Taber DeHart
Email (taber@westechfuel.com) | Phone: (801) 266-2545 | Fax: (801) 261-4054

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