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As of April 25th, 2024, UST Training, Inc. will provide in addition to its online training course an online Utah State approved certification exam. If you wish to take the UST Training, Inc. exam, you do not need to take the Utah A/B Operator exam in person. With all other training options, the in- person exam is still a requirement. Please contact cqualls@utah.gov for any questions.

The information on this page does not constitute an endorsement, expressed or implied, by the State of Utah or the Division of Environmental Response and Remediation.

The A and B Operator Training Courses listed below are approved by DERR for both A and B Operator Registration. Indicate on the application if you are registering for Class A, Class B, or both. The responsibilities of the Class A and B Operators are similar, but there are differences.

Please note that re-training is required if any of the facilities listed on the application are found to be out of compliance under the responsibilities listed for the Class A and B operator (R311-201-12(d) and R311-201-12(e)).


Online Class A, B and C Operator Training
Angela Dunn
Email (angela.dunn@anteagroup.us) | Phone: (314) 312-3734

C.S.U. Inc.

A and B Operator Training Courses
Email (Training@CommercialServiceUnlimited.com) | Phone: (801) 334-7867 | FAX: (801) 395-1720

PASS Training and Compliance

Online A, B, and C UST Operator Training Courses
Raymond Rees
Email (ray@passtesting.com) | Phone: (765) 281-5588

Petro Classroom

A and B Operator Training Courses
Patrick J. Vuchetich and Tammy Fagan
Email (pjv@petroclassroom) | Email (tsr@petroclassroom) | Phone: (844) 303-6752

Petroleum Safety Council

A and B Operator Training Courses
Catherine Stewart—Director of Training
Email (cstewart.psc@mail.com) | Phone: (913) 963-3198 | Toll Free: (877) 878-9727 Ext. 700

TAIT Environmental Services, Inc.

Online A and B Operator Training Courses
Classroom courses available on request.

Andy Tait
Email (atait@tait.com) | Phone: (972) 680-5120

UST Training, Inc

Online Class A/B and C Operator Training Courses
Ben Thomas
Email ( info@USTtraining.com
Phone (866) 301-8265)

Westech Environmental

A and B Operator Training
Bi-Weekly or On-Demand Classroom Courses
On-line Course Available
Taber DeHart
Email (taber@westechfuel.com) | Phone: (801) 266-2545 | Fax: (801) 261-4054

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