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Red Tag Program

Petroleum Red Tag Program: picture of a tag.

Beginning in 2013, DERR discontinued issuing tags to be placed on underground petroleum storage tanks to show they are eligible to receive deliveries of fuel or other regulated substances. Now large red “delivery prohibition” tags are placed on tanks that are not eligible to receive deliveries.

These are tanks whose certificate of compliance has lapsed or has been revoked, and tanks that have never qualified for a certificate of compliance. The 2012 Utah legislature changed the Utah Underground Storage Tank Act to create the new “red tag” program.

DERR will continue to issue a certificate of compliance each year. Operations must keep the certificate on site, but it will not be necessary to have it posted for deliveries. Delivery drivers will only have to see that a delivery prohibition tag is not in place to verify that a tank is eligible to receive deliveries. Remove all tags issued for previous years.

Delivery prohibition tags will also be placed on a new tank during the installation process, to help ensure that no unauthorized deliveries are made to the tank before it qualifies for a certificate of compliance. When the new tank does qualify for a certificate, DERR will issue the certificate and a letter authorizing the removal of the delivery prohibition tag.

If you have questions, please contact DERR UST Section at (801) 536-4100.

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