Summary of UST Operator Requirements:
Owner/Operator Training and Registration Program:

The latest rules for UST Operator Training became effective on August 18, 2009. These rules created a training and registration program for underground storage tank operators, as required by the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005. Following is a summary of the rule changes.

  • Each UST facility must have trained and registered operators by January 1, 2012.
  • Each facility must have three classes of operators: A, B, and C.
    • The Class A operator is an owner or employee who has primary responsibility for the broader aspects of the statutory and regulatory requirements and standards necessary to operate and maintain the UST system.
    • The Class B operator implements routine daily aspects of operation, maintenance, and record keeping for UST systems. The Class B operator is an owner, employee, or contractor working for the UST owner or operator. Some of the duties of the Class B operator are:
      • Ensure that an on-site operator inspection of each facility is performed every 30 days
      • Ensure that the UST system is monitored every seven days for leak detection alarms, etc.
      • Be present for DERR compliance inspections, or designate another individual to attend
      • Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis (remote facilities, etc.)
    • The Class C operator is an employee and is generally the first line of response to events indicating emergency conditions.
  • One individual may act as the Class A, B, and C operator for a facility.
  • Class A and B operators must complete an approved training course and pass an approved registration examination, or may pass a nationally-recognized UST operator examination and a separate Utah UST rules examination instead of taking the training course and registration examination.
  • The Executive Secretary (UST) must approve the content of all training and re-training programs for Class A and B operators.
  • An UST owner may provide training for Class A and B operators if the course is approved.
  • Class A and B operators must register and pay any applicable fees.
  • Class C operators are designated by a Class B operator and are registered by identification on a list maintained by the Class B operator, indicating the date of training and the trainer.
  • Class A and B operators are subject to re-training for significant violations, which are identified in the rule.

Final Rules

This rule requires that Class A and B operators be re-trained if UST facilities are found to be out of compliance. See R311-201-12(10)(d). This can occur if a facility is found to be out of compliance with the EPA Compliance Performance Measures. The attached guide details these measures that are incorporated by reference into the UST rules and can be used by AB operators and inspectors. See the Inspector Guide (161 KB) to view or download these performance measures.

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