Certificate of Compliance for Underground Storage Tanks


The Utah Underground Storage Tank (UST) Act requires that owners and operators of regulated petroleum USTs qualify their tanks for and receive a Certificate of Compliance, and keep the USTs in substantial compliance with all UST rules and regulations. It is a violation of the UST Act to operate these USTs without a Certificate of Compliance. New USTs must have a certificate before being put into operation. Fines may be assessed if petroleum or other regulated substance is delivered to or placed into an UST that does not have a certificate of compliance.

Certificate of Compliance Packet (110 KB)

Obtaining a Certificate

To qualify for and receive a certificate of compliance, complete the following steps. Be sure to submit the requested information to the Division of Environmental Response and Remediation (DERR) in a timely fashion so the certificate can be issued before you use your USTs.

  • Register the USTs with the DERR using the form Notification for Underground Storage Tanks (276 KB). The UST owner and certified UST installer must sign the form to certify a proper installation. New USTs must have secondary containment on the tanks and piping, and under-dispenser containment. Interstitial Monitoring must be performed for leak detection on the tanks and piping.
  • Submit a completed Application for Certificate of Compliance (27 KB) form and declare whether you will participate in the Utah Petroleum Storage Tank Trust Fund (PST Fund) or demonstrate financial responsibility for your USTs by another allowable mechanism. You must meet all requirements for coverage under your chosen mechanism, including payment of all related fees, before you operate the USTs.
  • Pay the Registration Fee of $110 per tank for USTs participating in the PST Fund, or $220 per tank for USTs that will use another financial responsibility mechanism.
  • Conduct tank and line tightness tests and line leak detector functionality tests for all USTs and submit a complete copy of the results. The tests must be performed by a Utah certified UST Tester. To receive fuel for the tests, you must contact the DERR office at (801) 536-4100 for written authorization of a one-time delivery. The DERR will need to know the date of the delivery and the name of the company that will deliver the fuel.
  • Submit a completed Previous Pollution Incidents (12 KB) form to indicate whether you have had any petroleum releases at the facility. If you participate in the PST Fund, failure to report previous releases could void your coverage. Payment of clean-up costs for previous releases is your responsibility.
  • Submit an as-built drawing that shows the tank excavation, buildings, tanks, product lines, vent lines, cathodic protection systems, tank leak detection systems, and product line leak detection systems. The drawing is required under Subsection R311-203-3(g) of the Utah UST rules.
  • Submit results of overfill device, spill bucket, and containment sump integrity tests. These tests must be conducted according to the equipment manufacturer’s requirements or a nationally-recognized code of practice.
  • Submit a completed tank manufacturer’s tank installation checklist.
  • Designate Class A and Class B operators for the facility. The operators must be properly trained and registered in accordance with Section R311-201-12 of the Utah UST rules.

Owner/Operator Training and Registration Program

Financial Responsibility

If you choose to participate in the PST Fund you must:

  • Check the box on the Application for Certificate of Compliance to indicate participation in the PST Fund and indicate the financial responsibility mechanism you will use to pay the cleanup costs not covered by the Fund.
  • Pay the PST Fund fee. Pay $150 per tank for USTs installed at new facilities. If a new UST is installed at a facility with existing USTs, pay the rate assessed to the existing USTs for the current fiscal year, either $150 or $450 per tank. If the new UST is a replacement for a previously-existing UST, the current year PST Fund fee paid for the original tank is applied to the new UST.

If you choose to demonstrate financial responsibility by another mechanism, you must:

  • Submit documentation for the mechanism you will use. The documents must conform to the format and wording specified in 40 CFR 280 subpart H. The state UST rules (R311-206-5) have additional requirements. The mechanism must be approved by the DERR before the Certificate of Compliance can be issued. The documentation should be submitted several weeks in advance of the time the tanks will go into service to allow for the approval process. If the mechanism has already been approved for other tanks, submit an updated list of tanks covered by the mechanism to show the new ones.
  • Pay the process fee of $420 for the mechanism to be used. If the mechanism has already been approved for other tanks, no process fee is due if the fee for the current year has already been paid.

For additional information on financial responsibility, please see Demonstrating Financial Responsibility (39 KB).

Submit the forms, test results, and fee payments to:

Division of Environmental Response and Remediation
195 North 1950 West, First Floor
PO Box 144840
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4840

Comments or Questions

If you have questions, please contact the DERR UST Section at (801) 536-4100.

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