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Public Notice

  • Formerly Engelhard Corporation

Ninigret Construction purchased the property at 3050 West Andrew Avenue, in Salt Lake City, Utah from the Engelhard Corporation in 2002. The Engelhard Corporation previously operated a petroleum catalyst manufacturing and regeneration facility at the property.

Engelhard was issued a RCRA Part B permit in April of 1993 for storage of catalysts that had been characterized as hazardous waste and were destined for recycling (regeneration). Engelhard ceased regeneration operations at the site in 1999. All structures, products and waste materials were subsequently removed from the site. As mentioned above, Engelhard sold the property to Ninigret, a land developer, in 2002.


Engelhard provided notification of their intent to close their three hazardous waste storage pads on March 13, 2001. An approval to initiate closure was provided to Engelhard on April 23, 2001. Due to the sale of the property, Ninigret took responsibility for completing the required closure activities. The report documenting the closure of the three storage pads was approved by the Division on November 2, 2004.

Corrective Action

The Stipulation and Consent Agreement that governs corrective action at the site was assigned to Ninigret in 2002.

Engelhard received approval for a corrective action plan for the portion of the property (approximately 100 acres) that is located west of the Bangerter Highway in March of 2001. Ninigret implemented the plan and the soil on the west parcel has been remediated.

Ninigret submitted and received approval for a corrective action plan for the alum ponds located to the east of the highway in January of 2003. The plan has been implemented and portions of the property have been remediated.

On May 8, 2019 an Environmental Indicator Determination was issued to Ninigret Technologies Park documenting the corrective action status of “Migration of Contaminated Groundwater Under Control”.

2022 Public Notice

Ninigret Technology Park: Draft Site Management Plans

Comments or Questions

If you have any questions concerning corrective action of the former Engelhard property, please contact Karen Wallner ( at (385) 499-0218.

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