Tesoro Refining and Marketing Waste Permit

(formerly BP Products North America Inc. and Amoco Oil Company)

The Tesoro Refinery is located on the north side of Salt Lake City, Utah. The site is just west of the foothills of the Wasatch Range, west and parallel to Beck Street between 800 North and 1400 North streets.

Refinery operations at the site began in 1908 to produce lubricating oils, harness oils, and axle greases. Currently, the refinery is a light oils refinery with conventional processing units. Primary process units include the crude fractionator, fluid catalytic cracker, ultraformer unit, alkylation unit, and isomerization unit. The refinery is capable of processing approximately 42,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

An RCRA Part A Permit submitted in 1981 listed several Hazardous Waste Management Units initiating groundwater monitoring in 1981 and 1982, which detected the presence of free phase product and dissolved hydrocarbons. A closure plan for the Hazardous Waste Management Units and a voluntary Corrective Action Plan were submitted in 1984. Three recovery trenches were installed in the summer of 1984 and pumping operations began in late fall. Petroleum products and dissolved hydrocarbons are recovered and processed at the refinery Waste Water Treatment Plant prior to discharge to the Salt Lake City POTW. Currently, there are seven recovery trenches and one extraction well at the refinery to recover products and dissolved hydrocarbons.

The refinery generates various hazardous wastes associated with the refining of hydrocarbon products. The majority of hazardous wastes generated are associated with the Waste Water Treatment Plant. These wastes include: Dissolved air flotation float (K048), API separator sludge (K051), and Primary oil/water/solids separation sludge (F037). Other hazardous wastes generated at the refinery include: Spent hydrotreating catalyst (K171), Clarified slurry oil sediment (K170), Heat exchanger bundle cleaning sludge (K050), Lead (D008), and Benzene (D018) characteristic hazardous wastes.

Amoco Oil Company and the Utah Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control negotiated a Stipulated Consent Order (No. 8708447) to define the corrective action process at the refinery. The Refinery is in the final stages of completing the RCRA Facility Investigation outlined in the Order.

Comments or Questions

If you have any question concerning the permitting or compliance of the Tesoro Refinery, please contact Brad Lauchnor (lauchnor@utah.gov), (801) 536-0247.

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