Vertellus (Formerly Reilly Industries)

Waste Permit

Vertellus (formerly Reilly Industries) is located in Ironton, Utah, between the cities of Provo to the north and Springville to the south.  During the time the facility was in operation, Reilly distilled creosote oil and electrode binder pitch from coal tar as primary products. Light and heavy end oils were distilled off of the creosote oil and were marketed as secondary products. Reilly discontinued production operations in early 2001. In September of 2005, Arsenal Capital Partners acquired Reilly Industries. In July 2006, Arsenal merged Reilly with another company to form Vertellus Specialties, Inc. In the summer of 2007, Vertellus removed all existing structures from the former Reilly site.


Reilly was issued an RCRA Part B permit for a hazardous waste storage tank in October of 1985. The tank stored wastewater generated from the distillation process. The permitted tank was closed in November 1995. At this point, Reilly began addressing the wastewater with a totally enclosed treatment facility (TETF). In 2001, Reilly decided to cease operating the TETF and began shipping it’s wastewater to a Reilly facility in Granite City, Illinois for treatment. Not long after this decision, Reilly ceased production operations at the plant.

Corrective Action

Reilly Industries entered into a Stipulation and Consent Agreement with the Division to conduct corrective action at the facility in November of 1996. As required by the Agreement, Reilly developed a work plan for conducting an RCRA Facility Investigation. The Division reviewed and approved of the work plan in May of 2000. Reilly implemented the work plan and has submitted the RFI Phase I Report. The Report was approved by the Division in August 2000. The Phase I investigative effort indicated the need for further site evaluation. A Phase II work plan was approved for implementation in October 2004.  The Phase II effort did not address all of the investigative concerns for the site. Reilly then submitted a Phase II Supplement Work Plan in July 2007. The plan has been reviewed, however approval of the work plan is on hold as Reilly is considering interim measures for the site.

Environmental Indicator Determinations for Reilly Industries Groundwater and Human Exposure.

Comments or Questions

If you have any questions concerning corrective action at Reilly Industries, please contact Dale Urban ( at (385) 499-1103.

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