Waste Permit: Safety-Kleen

The Safety-Kleen Pioneer Road facility (801) 975-0742, located at 1066 South Pioneer Road in Salt Lake City, provides solvent distribution, collection, and reclamation to companies primarily engaged in automobile repair, industrial maintenance, and dry cleaning services. The facility collects and distributes petroleum and aqueous solvents, lacquer/thinner, and immersion cleaner. Other waste collected include:

  • Dry Cleaning Waste
  • Imaging Waste
  • Paint Waste
  • Universal Waste

The facility has a state hazardous waste permit to store hazardous waste in containers and in a waste solvent storage tank.

Currently there are two permitted container storage areas at the facility.

Warehouse Storage Area

The warehouse storage area, located inside the main warehouse building, has a capacity of 4,500 gallons of containerized wastes and may be used to store spent parts washer solvent, spent immersion cleaner, dry cleaning waste, and spent imaging and photochemical waste. Other materials, including non-hazardous waste, universal waste, 10-day transfer waste and product may be stored in the warehouse storage area.

Flammable Waste Storage Building

The second container storage area is a flammable waste storage building. This storage area is a separate building from the warehouse and is used to store paint and lacquer thinner waste. It has a capacity of 3,300 gallons of waste and may also be used to store product. Containerized wastes stored at the facility are regularly shipped off-site for recycling, treatment, or disposal.

Containers of spent parts washer solvent are typically emptied upon arrival at the facility into one of two dumpster/drum washers in the return and fill station on the warehouse dock. A pump in the dumpster/drum washer pumps the solvent to the waste storage tank. On a periodic basis, waste solvent is pumped from the storage tank to a tanker and sent off-site for recycling. The waste solvent tank is an above ground tank with a permitted capacity of 13,986 gallons.

A Compliance History for the Safety-Kleen facility lists the violations identified during inspections and the resolution reached.

The facility was originally permitted by the state in 1988, with the current permit issued effective September 29, 2016. An unofficial copy of the permit is available online via the links below.

Comments or Questions

If you have any questions concerning the permitting or compliance for the Safety-Kleen Permit, please contact Boyd Swenson, (bswenson@utah.gov) (385) 499-4935.

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