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Dyno Nobel owns and operates the Lehi Plant Site B and has previously leased property for the Tooele Test Site. Both facilities are located in Utah County.

Site B is an explosive manufacturing, research and detonation testing facility located on the west side of Utah Lake. Dyno Nobel had interim status for on-site treatment of waste explosives generated during production activities. The open burn unit at Site B has been closed (See Permitting below) and the facility currently operates as a conditionally exempt small quantity generator of hazardous waste.

The Tooele Test Site consisted of several open pits. The site was primarily used for product testing however; it also was used to treat detonatable waste explosives generated at Site B. The Division approved the closure of the interim status unit at the Test Site in November 2004 (See Permitting below).


Dyno Nobel decided not to pursue hazardous waste treatment permits for Site B and the Tooele Test Site. Due to a combination of waste minimization and recycling, Dyno Nobel no longer treats hazardous waste on-site at either facility. Dyno Nobel was granted approval to implement the closure plan for the Site B open burning unit on December 1, 1999. Closure activities were completed in June of 2000 and the last components of closure certification were received November 20, 2001. The Division approved of the closure certification package on February 8, 2002. Dyno Nobel was granted approval to implement a closure plan for the Tooele Test Site in October of 2002. The Division approved of the closure certification package on November 10, 2004. Since residual contamination was left in place at the Tooele Test Site, a site management plan (SMP) was required. The SMP was approved for implementation on February 11, 2005.

Corrective Action

Dyno Nobel entered into a Stipulation and Consent Agreement with the Division on November 6, 1998 to conduct corrective action at the facility. As required by the Agreement, Dyno Nobel developed a work plan for conducting a RCRA Facility Investigation of 16 sites on the property. The work plan was approved on December 20, 2000. Dyno Nobel has implemented the first phase of the investigation. The results have been submitted to the Division. Dyno Nobel has singled out solid waste management unit #6 for further investigation in advance of the others. A plan was approved and implemented. The site received a no further corrective action designation on March 1, 2005. Dyno Nobel is now working with the Division on developing a site management plan for solid waste management units #9 and #10.

Comments or Questions

If you have any questions concerning corrective action at Dyno Nobel, please contact Jeff Vandel (jvandel@utah.gov) at (385) 499-0283.

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