Permit (TEAD S): Tooele Army Depot

The former mission of the TEAD-S for the storage and demilitarization of chemical warfare agents has been completed. The TEAD-S has ongoing environmental restoration projects and the Army is currently seeking new projects to be conducted at the depot.

The TEAD-S Part B Hazardous Waste Storage (Not the Official Copy) Permit was issued in 1993, renewed in 2004, and renewed again in 2015. The Permit allows the storage of hazardous waste and regulates the cleanup and restoration of contaminated sites at the depot.

A copy of the Environmental Indicators for Current Human Exposures Under Control and Migration of Contaminated Groundwater Under Control can be viewed on-line in PDF format.


  1. Standard Permit Conditions
  2. General Facility Conditions
  3. Containers
  4. Waste Piles
  5. Corrective Action
  6. Post Closure Conditions
    1. Attachment 1
    2. Attachment 2
    3. Attachment 3
    4. Attachment 4
    5. Attachment 5
    6. Attachment 6
    7. Attachment 7
  7. Open Detonation
    1. Attachment 1 OD Operations
    2. Attachment 2 OD Environmental Performance Standards
    3. Attachment 3 OD Unit Closure Plan


  1. Waste Analysis Plan
  2. Inspection Plan
  3. Training Plan
  4. Contingency Plan
  5. Closure Plan
  6. General Facility Description
  7. Reserved
  8. Reserved
  9. Security Plan
  10. Preparedness and Prevention Plan
  11. Reserved
  12. Container Management
  13. Reserved
  14. Reserved
  15. Reserved

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