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Nexeo Solutions, LLC

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Public Notice

2019 DWMRC
2018 DWMRC

Waste Permit

Nexeo Solutions, LLC was purchased from Ashland Chemical on March 31, 2011. The facility is located in the Freeport Center industrial park in Clearfield, Utah. The facility distributes bulk and containerized chemicals, solvents and plastics, and provides hazardous waste storage services prior to arranging for off-site disposal. Nexeo Solutions, LLC. has a RCRA Part B permit (not the official copy) for hazardous waste storage. Please contact us for updated permit information.

A RCRA Facility Investigation of potential contamination sites in 2005. Based on the results a No Further Action letter was sent to the facility.

A copy of the Environmental Indicators for Current Human Exposures Under Control (78 KB) and Migration of Contaminated Groundwater Under Control (114 KB) can be viewed on-line in PDF format.

Ashland Chemical still maintains financial assurance as outlined in Attachment 9 of the Permit

The Compliance History (139 KB) for previous owner, Ashland Chemical.

Nexeo Solutions, LLC. contact phone number is (801) 776-1295.

2019 Public Notices

Nexeo Solutions, LLC: Permit Modification

Nexeo Solutions, LLC: Used Oil Transporter Permit Modification

Nexeo Solutions, LLC

2018 Public Notices

Nexeo Solutions, LLC: Hazardous Waste Permit Renewal

Nexeo Solutions, LLC: Used Oil Transporter Permit

Comments or Questions

If you have any questions concerning the permitting or compliance for the Nexeo Solutions, LLC Permit, please contact Kari Lundeen, (801) 536-0253.