January 10, 2019 Agenda: Waste Management and Radiation Control Board

Meeting Materials

ADA Notice

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals with special needs (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) should contact LeAnn Johnson (leannjohnson@utah.gov. ), Office of Human Resources at (385) 226-4881, Telecommunications Relay Service 711.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order.
  2. Recognition of Scott T. Anderson.
  3. Public Comments.
  4. Declarations of Conflict of Interest.
  5. Approval of Meeting Minutes for the November 8, 2018 Board Meeting (Board Action Item).
  6. Underground Storage Tanks Update.
  7. Administrative Rules.
    1. Approval of final adoption to Hazardous Waste Rules UAC R315-273, Standards for
      Universal Waste Management (Board Action Item).
    2. Approval of final adoption to Radiation Control Rules UAC R313-28-31, Use of X-Rays
      in the Healing Arts, General and Administrative Requirements (Board Action Item).
  8. Approval of Mammography Imaging Medical Physicists (MIMP) in accordance with UCA 19-6-
    104(2)(b) (Board Action Item).
  9. Low-Level Radioactive Waste Section.
    1. EnergySolutions’ request for a site-specific treatment variance from the Utah Hazardous
      Waste Management Rules. EnergySolutions seeks authorization to receive Cemented Uranium Extraction Process Residues for disposal (Board Action Item).
  10. Other Business.
    1. Misc. Information Items
    2. Scheduling of next Board meeting.
  11. Adjourn.
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