Karl Lund
Solid Waste Facility Fact Sheet: Westside Post-Closure Care Landfill

November 2004

Facility Owner

Karl Lund

Facility Operator

Karl Lund

Property Owner

Karl Lund

Facility Location

Starting at Ephraim Main Street and 100 North (Street Light), go west approximately 3.9 miles (just as the paved road turns south). The dirt road heading north just a few feet from the turn enters Karl Lund property.

Remaining Capacity

  • Acres: N/A
  • Tons: N/A
  • Cubic Yards: N/A
  • Years:N/A

Waste Accepted


Waste Excluded

Any and all waste.

Permit Effective Date

February 24, 2011

Facility Contact

Karl Lund
(435) 283-8856


Rob Powers (rdpowers@utah.gov)
Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control
PO Box 144880
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4880
Phone: (801) 536-0255

Local Health Department

Central Utah Public Health Department
Phone: (435) 896-5451

Facility Documents


For more information, please contact Brian Speer (bspeer@utah.gov) (801) 536-0219.

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