Garfield County: Solid Waste Facility Fact Sheet: Ticaboo Class II Landfill

February 2009

Facility Owner

Garfield County

Facility Operator

Garfield County

Property Owner


Facility Location

Township 37 S, Range 11 E, Section 6, SLMB: Garfield County, Lat. 37 37’ 02”, Long. 110 43’ 42″

Remaining Capacity

  • Acres: N/A
  • Tons: N/A
  • Cubic Yards: N/A
  • Years: N/A

Waste Accepted

This permit is for the disposal of non-hazardous solid waste that may include municipal solid waste, commercial waste, industrial waste, construction/demolition waste, and special waste. The permitee is limited to an average of 20 tons per day of acceptable waste or a service area population of 8,900. The daily average shall be determined by dividing the total or estimated tons of waste received in a calendar year by 365. If the 20 tons per day average is exceeded or the maximum population served is exceeded, the Permitee must notify the Executive Secretary and apply for a new permit for a Class I landfill.

Waste Excluded

No hazardous waste and except waste or PCB waste may be accepted for treatment, storage, or disposal at the landfill. Any prohibited waste received and accepted for treatment, storage, or disposal at the facility will constitute a violation of this permit.

Permit Effective Date

February 1, 2009

Facility Contact

Brian Bremner
Phone: (435) 676-1119

Phone: (435) 986-2540

Facility Documents


For more information, please contact Brian Speer ( at (385) 499-0010.

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