Georgia Pacific Corporation: Solid Waste Facility Fact Sheet: Mill Site Class IIIb Landfill

November 2008

Facility Owner

Georgia Pacific Gypsum LLC
133 Peachtree Street, NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

Facility Operator

Same as above

Property Owner

Same as above

Facility Location

Township 23 S, Range 2 W, Section 1, Quarter Section NE, Qtr/Qtr Section SE, The site is located south and east of the town of Sigurd, Utah.

Remaining Capacity

  • Acres: N/A
  • Tons: N/A
  • Cubic Yards: N/A
  • Years: N/A

Waste Accepted

The permit is for disposal of non-hazardous industrial waste, as defined in UAC R315-301-2(35), generated by the Georgia-Pacific and as described in the permit application.

Waste Excluded

No hazardous waste as defined by UAC R315-1 and R315-2; no PCB’s as defined by UAC R315-301-2(53), except construction/demolition waste containing PCB’s as specified by UAC R315-315-7(2)(a) and (c); no household waste, except waste resulting from the abatement, rehabilitation, renovation and remodeling of homes and other residences; no municipal waste; no special waste, except as specified in this permit; no commercial waste; and no industrial waste shall be accepted for treatment, storage, or disposal at the landfill. Any prohibited waste received and accepted for treatment, storage, or disposal at the facility will constitute a violation of this permit, of UCA 19-6-101 through 123 and of UAC R315-301 through 320.

Permit Effective Date

Permit by Rule

Facility Contact

Ron Hix
(435) 896-0381 ext. 302

DEQ Contact

Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control
PO Box 144880
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4880
Phone: (801) 536-0200

Local Health Department

(435) 896-5451

Facility Documents


For more information, please contact Brian Speer ( at (385) 459-0010.

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