Intermountain Power Agency: Solid Waste Facility Fact Sheet:
Intermountain Generating Facility Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Landfill and Surface Impoundments

Public Notices, Waste Management and Radiation Control
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Public Notices, Water Quality
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November 2020

Facility Owner

Intermountain Power Agency

Facility Operator

Intermountain Power Service Corporation

Property Owner

Intermountain Power Agency

Facility Location

Section 13, Township 15 South, Range 7 West,
SLB & M.  The sites are located on the Intermountain Power Service Corporation property 10 miles north of Delta on HWY 174


  • Acres: Combustion By-Products Landfill ~200, Bottom Ash Basin ~100, Waste Water Basin ~50
  • Tons: N/A
  • Cubic Yards: N/A
  • Projected Closure: Combustion By-Products Landfill 2028, Bottom Ash Basin 2028, Waste Water Basin 2028

Waste Accepted

Combustion By-Products Landfill

Fly ash, bottom ash, economizer rejects, pulverized rejects, and flue gas desulfurization i.e., scrubber sludge coal combustion by-products and flue gas emission wastes.

Waste Excluded

Combustion By-Products Landfill

All other wastes.

Permit Effective Date

November 23, 2020 through November 25, 2030

Facility Contact

Blaine Ipson, Environmental Engineer
Intermountain Power Service Corporation

DEQ Contact

Matt Sullivan (
Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control
PO Box 144880
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4880
Phone: (801) 536-0241

Local Health Department

Central Utah Public Health Department

428 East Topaz Blvd, Suite D
Delta, UT 84624
Phone: (435) 864-3612

70 Westview Drive
Richfield, UT 84701
Phone: (435) 896-5451

Facility Documents


For more information, please contact Brian Speer ( (801) 536-0219.