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Corrective Action: Phase II RFI Report: Group 3 SWMUs:
Deseret Chemical Depot

(SWMUs 11, 19, 20, 33, 37)

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Environmental Setting
  4. Sampling and Analytical Program
  5. Risk Assessment Methodology
  6. Background Soil and Groundwater
  7. SWMU 11—Chemical Munitions Storage Area
  8. SWMU 19—Building 533 Foundation (Empty Drum Storage Area)
  9. SWMU 20—Building 520 (Crating Facility)
  10. SWMU 33—Building 536 Chemical Agent Munitions Disposal System Salt Storage
  11. SWMU 37—Slag Piles and Bomb Fragments
  12. Conclusions and Recommendations
  13. References
  14. Glossary of Acronyms


  1. Site Reconnaissance of SWMUs 20 and 37
  2. Soil Vapor Survey
  3. Field Logs
  4. Chemical Agent Results from Dugway
  5. Geotechnical Data
  6. Slug Test Data Evaluation and Pesticide Root Zone Model (PZRM-2) Calculations
  7. Land Surveyor’s Report
  8. UXO Surveyor’s Report
  9. Data Representation Tables
  10. Data Quality Assessment
  11. Background Comparison Methodology
  12. Human Health Risk Assessment
  13. Ecological Risk Assessment
  14. Photographs of Phase II Investigation Activities
  15. SWUM 20 TCLP Results

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