EDS Permit (TEAD S): Tooele Army Depot

Tooele Army Depot, South Area (formerly Deseret Chemical Depot)

Explosive Destruction System (EDS) Permit.

Effective date of the Permit is August 5, 2015 and it expires in 10 years.

The purpose of the EDS is to dispose of recovered chemical warfare materiel in a safe, environmentally sound manner. The EDS is a transportable unit with a close-able vessel that is designed to breach explosively configured munitions or other types of containers and chemically treat their toxic fill.

The EDS employs explosive shaped charges to detonate or disrupt the munitions burster (when so equipped) and to breach the munitions/containers wall to allow access to the fill. Once the fill is exposed, the applicable reagent is added and the vessels contents are agitated and heated as required. After the fill has been treated, the neutralent is drained into an approved liquid waste container and the vessel is rinsed and purged before being opened to allow removal of solid waste residues, such as scrap metal. All solid and hazardous wastes generated during EDS operations are transported to an approved treatment, storage, and disposal facility for final disposal.

The compliance history of Tooele Army Depot, South Area can be viewed at the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control.

An unofficial copy of the permit is available online via the links below. The official permit can be viewed at the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control.

If you have any questions concerning the permitting or compliance for the EDS Permit, please contact Gabrielle Marinick (gmarinick@utah.gov(385) 499-0172.


  1. Standard Permit Conditions
  2. General Facility Conditions
  3. Treatment of Wastes


  1. Process Description and Specifications
  2. Waste Analysis Plan
  3. Quality Assurance Project Plan
  4. Treatment
  5. Agent and Agent Monitoring
  6. Monitoring Strategy during Mustard Operations
  7. Monitoring Strategy during G-Series Nerve Agent Operations
  8. Health and Safety Plan
  9. Personnel Training

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